Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1st Critique

Hue Thao
Professor Valverde
ASA 150 E
        The most interesting fact that caught my attention during the presentation was the
idea of Con Lai. The point of interest lies within the children of mixed blood and what to
do with them. Amongst the controversy of Con Lai, the invasion as well as war creates
situations that become unavoidable. For instance, the United States has no concepts for
the children during World War 2 that were of mixed race. This subject about Con Lai is
definitely worth researching among each subgroup such as the Hmong.
        In terms of presentation skills, the first student seems to understand his facts.
Though he lacks the projection of his voice, he is making certain parts of his presentation
unclear. The only question I would ask him is to focus more of Con Lai, simply because
of the field of interest that conjures up when elaborating such idealism. Other than that,
the presentation was well informing. The lecture style presentation seems well fit with
the concept of politics, but I feel like the most I understood from his presentation was the
Admiration Act and the Con Lai.
        The second student, I felt as if I did not comprehend his subject matter. The three
slides he had up contain a big portion of information from the text that he gave out. With
that said, there was simply too much information to take in. The power point should be
more of a visual aid to assist in teaching the subject. A slide with just information from
the text that was already given does not seem to help. Despite that, the part where he
was able to present the slides and talk a little more in depth about the subject was good.
Even though Professor Valverde was criticizing the presenter about whether or not he had
interpreted the document correctly. With misunderstanding of your own article, there will
be invalid facts; thus, they become less useful. This is understandable because reading
the article first time can be confusing. However, reading the article more would perhaps
increase the understanding of his subject matter.
         Last but not least, the third student had a more ideal power point slides. There
were less information on the slides and was attached with some illustrations. He was
able to give more facts through verbal expression instead of information from the slides.
Overall, his presentation was good. At the same time, I did not get much from his

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