Friday, May 17, 2013

Liz Shigetoshi - Week 7

In the article "Defending Our Souls and Defending Our Immigrants", Bill Ong Hing suggests that there is a lack of re-entry programs for Asian American ex-offenders with criminal convictions. He discusses how criminality can lead to deportation despite how long they've lived in or grew up in the United States. Alongside this matter, he questions if Asian American criminal activity is a "fabrication by our institutions just to get ride of the undesirable Asian" and argues that there should be alternatives to deportation.
This article made me wonder: Where has the publicity been on the deportation of Asian Americans? Has there been any? Does the media think it is not worthy to discuss compared to other races (like Mexican)? I'm not quite sure if I've been living in a bubble, or if it doesn't happen much where I'm from, or if AA deportation statistics are lower than other races, or if Asian American deportation isn't televised or brought to public attention.
While reading this article, I thought about the presence of Asian American gangs where I'm from. Since high school, I've heard quite a few inspirational stories of people around my age who have been given second chances under the law and who have fortunately been able to start over with a new chapter in their life. I believe it is absolutely possible for someone to turn over a new leaf if they are given the right push, the availability of resources, and a good go to support system. So provided the need for targeted Asian American rehabilitation programs to exist, I agree with Hing that there are alternatives to deportation and there should be more funding towards building a stronger Asian American community.

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