Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quynh Dinh-Week 6

The documentary "Kelly loves Tony" portrays how strongly culture and traditional perception on gender role have impacted young American Asians in America, especially when they get married. Kelly is trapped in the model figure of a wife and a mother. she is expected to do most of the house chores and stay home take care the baby. Her husband, Tony, quiet doesn't support her in pursuing higher education because to him, women don't need to have high education, and when they become wives, they are supposed to devote their whole life to family and children. This gender stereotype has suffered many women since it limits their ability and opportunity to exert themselves or better up their life. Growing up in American, Kelly represents many of young women who want to break free and change that old stereotype. She is struggling to balance love, education dream, and family at the same time.

Asian women have been always disadvantage. They have to listen to their parents when they are young. And then when they are old enough, they have to live up to other people's expectation. To American Asians who begin to adapt American culture and value self-independence, they have made a good progress of better up their lives. I believe if we, women, keep on pursuing our dreams and make an effort to erase gender stereotype, we will succeed.  A perception can only be maintained if people value and nurture it. Otherwise, it will be forgotten since everyone chooses to discard it. Everything comes down to the question should gender stereotype be preserved?

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