Thursday, June 13, 2013


Week 9
The fluid exchange of music, technology, and information astounds me because this increased transnationalism changes the relationship of Vietnamese and oversea Vietnamese. This begs the question of the acceptability of increase partnership in the future. Will it decrease the automatic hatred of each other? However, this inquiry is only targeted to the regular people and not towards the elites. I find elites to have a stronger investment to ideology for manipulation purposes; the ordinary person is much more concern about practicality. But will transnationalism, such as the IT sector, relax governmental policies as they witness development, or will they have an even stronger sense of containment?
I especially found the chapter on music extremely interesting as I observe the same phenomenon in the Hmong community. Singers there tour all over the states and some do marry Hmong Americans and reside permanently here. In addition, Hmong companies here would travel there to record albums and sell it globally. They also film a lot of music videos in Southeast Asia because it’s cheaper and for its scenery. The music chapter really connected many similar occurrences of transnationalism.

A video of a Hmong star from Southeast Asia performing in France. 

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