Sunday, June 9, 2013

Liz Shigetoshi - Week 10

In "Conclusion", the author, Chia Youyee Vang, explains that the many experiences and interactions of the Hmong people who come to the United States contribute to the struggle of maintaining their ethnic identity. The Hmong people, like many other American immigrants, face the challenge of utilizing and inventing traditions that keep them unique while also maintaining some continuity. Vang notes how change is inevitable as new social structures are being established and social sacrifices are put to test for the new generations of Hmong Americans. I wondered the following: Will there be a comparable difference struggle for identity for Hmong Americans in smaller cities versus larger ones? Or even different regions of the United States like maybe those in Minnesota versus those in California. In the end, reading this chapter made me reflect on the Hmong community that I have seen in Sacramento, and how over the years, I've noticed that they are a very active and connected community. That's really admirable to me. Being someone who wasn't active in the Japanese or the Vietnamese community, but more so an observer of all communities in America, I can appreciate Vang's ability to tell the history and the struggle that Hmong Americans face in developing personal identities as well as ethnic ones. 

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