Monday, June 3, 2013

Nhia Moua - Week 10

In Valverde's "Vietnamese Diaspora Revisited" she summarizes the case studies she focused on in each of her chapter that demonstrates the transnationalism of the Vietnamese community.

The questions that interests me at this point is: what is the Vietnamese American community's reaction to the things Valverde has brought up in her book.  She mentions that there are people who dislikes what she writes, but after reading through Valverde's book, and understanding that Vietnamese Americans are rather extreme in their anti-communist sentiment, I would assume that Valverde would be seen as a communist.  Artist Chau Hyunh did not have any communist sentiments or intentions when she made her piece, Pedicure Basin, but she was labeled immediately as a communist since it had imagery that the Vietnamese American community understood and related to as communistic.  When I read the closing chapter to Valverde's book, I tried to imagine myself as a Vietnamese American, my reaction would be that Valverde was communistic.  She seems at times to be writing things against the Vietnamese American community but pointing out certain flaws in the community. And if she wasn't supporting the community, I would assume that she is communist.  However, I do not know if this is an accurate assumption and that's why I'm left wondering how Vietnamese Americans feel about Valverde's book. Her book definitely feels like a milestone, by investigating and researching these particular experiences of the Vietnamese American community, she has taken a neutral stance (at least this is how I see it). But does the Vietnamese American community feel that way too?

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