Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Presentation #4 Hmong

Diana Lu

Brenda and Hue’s presentation on Hmong Shamanism was eye opening to me. They both had a firsthand experience and shared with us what they knew, which was very interesting to hear. Though the presentation was extremely long, it was interesting. When Brenda/Hue talked about generations losing tradition and custom is like losing their roots, I think that is not only a constant battle between the Hmong culture, but also a battle between more Asian ethnicities. My grandparents always tell me that I am too “American” and I do not know anything about my Chinese and Vietnamese culture.  I also like how they incorporated various pop culture media for us to give us a sense of what is Shamanism and if the media portrayal is correct or not.
I used to have this Hmong family who lived next door to our family and they would have Shamans come to their families every week to do ritual things. Like Brenda mention, they sacrificed animals, but that was no big deal to me, since we all kill animals in a sense. But the one thing that bothered me most was when they sacrificed dogs L Dogs are cute and lovely, and I would hear them squeal and bark. I will then go hug my dog and go whew!
In each culture, there are going to be different religions and practices. I do not think it is necessary a bad thing, but because one does not practice the same thing, does not mean they should put down other’s religion. 
Boon and Mai Moua’s presentation on the Hmong Youth was quite interesting as well, even though it was way shorter than the first one. I think the discipline that parents used on Hmong kids are pretty similar to other Asian cultures as well. My mom used to physically punish me when I did something wrong. When I was younger, I used to like playing with the toilet water, I would throw bath toys in there, flush it and watch it spin around. My mom then slammed my hands with the seat cover, and I never dared played with toilet water again. I didn’t see it was an abuse, but more as a lesson learned. 
The media creates an individualism, which I think it is a good thing in a way. We have to learn to be individual sooner or later, and by being individual, it does not necessarily mean that we are losing of culture. My mother gave me a lot of freedom as a child, but til today, I still keep the culture that I have learned and know, close to heart. 

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  1. Interesting reflections. Would have appreciated more constructive feedback. - Prof. Valverde 3/4