Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presentation #5: Transnationalism of Confucianism

Michael Nguyen
ASA 150E
Week 9


 On the first slide, Melissa states she will explain transnationalism on a micro level about the acceptance of Confucian ideology among Vietnamese women that are in Vietnam and compare it to acceptance among Vietnamese American adolescent girls. Confucianism involves Chinese influence and primary principles of female instruction. The Chinese influence came into Vietnam when Chinese invaded Vietnam in 111 B.C. 

 Female instruction in Confucianism is basically a patriarchy where the females always have to obey a male figure and in comparison to the Vietnamese instruction, it is based more on life virtues. The four Vietnamese Confucianism virtues consists of: Cong, Dung, Hang, and Ngon. All in which describe about diligent work, appearance, morality, and proper speech. I find this interesting particularly because I think it is true for Vietnamese women today. Vietnamese women are strong and they do try their best in order to impress the Vietnamese men in Vietnamese society. I am not saying it is expected but it most certainly does happen since it is relating to ones virtue. Yes, it is wrong that Asian women have to succumb to that of the man's world, and I do want to see change happen in order for more equality. 

 The role of the woman in a Confucian Society explains about arduous labor and filial duties. In relating to my family, at family gatherings. Basically the women always cook all the food while all the men eat and get drunk. There is one similar activity both the women and men engage though, which is gossip. All family get-togethers involve gossip about relationships and about the accomplishments made by sons and daughters. But the women also eat last and clean up after both the men and women, which is completely unfair to the women in this Confucian society. 

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