Thursday, May 17, 2012

Presentation 3

Michael Nguyen
ASA 150E

Ted Ngoy and Racial Conflict

Jason's presentation about Ted Ngoy and the donut shops in California is quite interesting. Especially since Ted basically pioneered the Cambodian donut shops in California and paved the way for many Cambodian refugees to survive and to live a somewhat American Dream with the cost of working early morning to late nights. It all started when Jason was in love with a Cambodian princess, I felt like his passion for the girl was what led him to where he was known as the Donut King. I felt it was smart of him to train himself at a normal donut shop and take the initiative to start one up himself, which eventually led him to own many more donut shops with incoming Cambodian refugees from the Vietnam War. But that does not stop the Cambodian refugees from doing what he did, which I felt was like a sign of betrayal to Ted Ngoy. Even though it was business, Ted was looking out for his fellow Cambodians and he just gets stabbed in the back for it. Not fair at all. Speaking about this makes me want to eat a pink sprinkled donut similar to that of the one depicted in the Simpsons. With this, I pose the question, "Do many current Cambodian Donut shops help incoming refugees start up donut shops these days?"

Mimi, Tri, and Christina's presentation on the racism in the Boston high school was most certainly interesting since it does pertain to my own kind that of Vietnamese. I feel it is important to take note of this incident because I believe it still happens today. People assume that the world lives in a binary where everything is black and white, which ultimately disregards the so-called "others". With the racism from the Whites towards the Blacks, it is bound to happen that the Blacks want someone to target on like the Whites do. But since the Vietnamese were able to make moves with their VSA, I believe there can be change in a long-term goal thinking sense. Especially since they were able to establish a Bilingual program in 1993. My question is, "Will all languages be offered at every high school in the future, or will there always be ethnic enclaves where there will be majority races and there will be only languages offered for the majority crowd?"

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