Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Presentation: Hmong Culture & Identity

            For the group that presented on Hmong Culture and Identity, I think that the presentation compliments the research that the group is working on.  It presents some possible explanations of why Hmong men have behind Hmong women in terms of education and careers.  Although they did not remember their exact research question, I think that the article that they analyzed and their presentation offer some important points that would be helpful for them when they write their research paper. 
            In terms of the overall presentation, I think that despite the little time that they had for their presentation (SORRY!), they still did a great job of going over everything.  As both a Hmong male/female and college students, these two presenters were able to offer their own personal experiences to bolster the analysis that they made from the reading.  However, it would be better if there were also able to get some information/data from other Hmong students on campus who can also add on to their research.  So as a suggestion, the Hmong Student Union on campus is a great start to conducting more research for their paper.  Other Southeast Asian organizations on campus also have Hmong students who are involved in that can also help them out.  For example, I know that SAFE’s Outreach program mentor high school and middle school students in Sacramento, so as an outreach coordinator (Boon), I think that you can use some of your students as examples. 
            For my group presentation, we spent too much time looking through the clips and videos that it made it hard for us to present all our analysis.  That wasn’t the main issue though.  Our main problem was that everything was really unorganized.  I didn’t know how to set up my laptop with the projector, so that took up twenty minutes of our presentation.  Even though we used a powerpoint for our presentation, we weren’t organized with how we presented the information.  Hue and I did not go over on how much information we were going to give about each points our presentation, some of our personal references/insights took up a lot of the presentation time.  But I was really glad that the class had a lot to ask during our presentation.  What I found really difficult with our presentation is that we didn’t have the time to offer a clearer background knowledge on the religion itself.  If we did this, the class would have a better understanding of our research.  Then again, this backgroun knowledge should have been incorporated in my video clip (which it was, until I accidentally deleted the whole scene while editing). 
            Honestly, I think that the organization of my presentation really made it hard for the students to understand what I am researching about.  Not only that, but my research participants are really uneven since I mainly have responses from the second generation.  So with the rest of the time that I have left for the research, I will have to conduct more interviews and balance out this sample size.  As for my analysis, because I have such a small sample size, I really need to organize and improve what I have so that audiences can have a better understanding of the research.  

-Brenda Vue

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  1. Helpful comments and good introspection. Hope the feedback helps with research. -Prof. Valverde 4/4