Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Diana Lu
Group 1 Response

            For the first presentation, I think they did an okay job. For future references, groups should keep the reading short and straight to the point. There was too many reading and each of the articles was very long and informational. The group could have done a better job presenting. Instead of one person presenting on each topic, they could have alternated.  The presentation did not look uniform and unpracticed but the sections did seem to fit together well. All the members seemed to have participated equally, though some just elaborated more than others.  Information given was clear and the body of the presentation was well organized. The PowerPoint helped a lot. It gave the audience a sense of what they were going to present and talk about. Maybe the next group can upload their PowerPoint early so we can have it in front of us, so it will be easier to take notes.
            The part about the admiration act was the part the most because I feel as if I can kind of relate to it. He explains how the Military men from United States wanted some “entertainment” while they were in Vietnam, so they would mess/ have sexual intercourse with Vietnamese women.  The Vietnamese women would then become pregnant but the white men would not recognize the baby as his own offspring. I remember my grandpa telling me a story like this and how white men raped his sisters. This is why half of my family looks white. In addition, he told me one of his sister committed suicide because she believed it was shameful to have a baby before marriage and that you were no longer pure, and no men would want to marry an impure women.  I knew this kind of things happened, but it still amazed me that I actually knew someone in this situation.
            In the reading about the admiration act, about the Americans bringing their offsprings back to United States, I feel as though this can have two different interpretations. One, it could be that the Americans did so as a cover up because they did not want other countries to criticized them for such demoralizing acts. The things that the American soldiers did to the Vietnamese women were demoralizing and could traumatized them. They did not think about the outcomes. This shows how selfish one can be, and only think about themselves. Another reason could be that when they returned, they finally realized what they did were wrong and had better morals and decided to sent their Vietnamese offsprings to US.  

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