Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presentation #4: Hmong Culture

Michael Nguyen
ASA 150E
Week 8

Culture and Identity

 In this weeks presentations, there were two presentations about the Hmong and their culture. The first presentation primarily focused on how the Western media views  the Hmong from a different perspective and how they have portrayed the Hmong in good and bad ways. The second presentation primarily focuses on how the Hmong culture and identity is formed in America and how the newer generations in America are obedient to their parent figures in order to prevent future punishment. Meaning the Hmong are obedient to their parents and are willing to make educational sacrifices for their parents. 

 Brenda and Hue used clips from Grey's Anatomy to show a good representation about the Hmong Shamanism, which I found particularly interesting because I am usually not exposed to Hmong Shamanism since it is a usually closed door activity to the Hmong Shamans. It is amazing how it is shown in a popular show in America, meaning the Hmong are on the rise and I am for that since they are highly underrepresented in America. Gran Torino was brought up in during this presentation and how it has shown many bad portrayals of the Hmong, even though the movie did well for the average American. Lastly they talked about animal sacrifices, in which families still slaughter pigs in the backyard, which is illegal but it is for their religion, therefore they still carry on in order to fulfill their needs. I find animal sacrifice interesting because I wonder who they sacrifice the animal for?

Boon and Mai-Moua mainly focused on the newer Hmong generations in America and how they take on responsibilities in a Hmong family. Explaining how the Hmong are fairly obedient and take school seriously but also there are many Hmong dropping out of school. I am for more Hmong in higher education, because I believe it is important for the children of the Vietnam War need to make a stand for Southeast Asians. 

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  1. Very good summaries of the presentations. I see you understood it well. But, you should have offered constructive feedback. Prof. Valverde 3/4