Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Presentation 2 Reflection (Gender and Sexuality)

            I thought it was very interesting that the presenting group chose to present this particular topic because not only did they touch light on the fact that the Iu-Mien population in America is highly marginalized, they also connected it in terms of gender concepts.  I thought it was smart to bring those two topics together because it gave us new information and brought us a sense of awareness to particular Southeast Asian conflicts.
            For me personally, I thought the topic was ironically intriguing because I have been constantly thinking about how much the Iu-Mien population in America is marginalized since the topic was briefly brought up in the first week of class.  This topic affects me on a personal level because I have quite a bit of Iu-Mien friends and I also volunteer for S.A.F.E., a Southeast Asian Furthering Education program here at UC Davis, and I physically witness these particular issues.  There is a very little Iu-Mien participation in the S.A.F.E program, and I think that has a lot to do with the marginalization of Iu-Miens. 
            Although this article was attempt to address the conflicts that Iu-Mien refugee women face during their migration to the United States after the Vietnam War, I found the it to be a bit generic in terms of information.  I think the stated information in the article concerning Iu-Mien women is a huge umbrella concept that commonly affects many Southeast Asian ethnics that were greatly affected by the Vietnam War and had to reside in refugee camps or migrate to the United States for a better life.  I think the idea of solely focusing on Iu-Mien women who migrated in America is a great idea, but I do not think that article did the best job of presenting new topics or new research.  Instead, the article touched topics on common Southeast Asian American issues that still reside today and somehow connected those issues to solely Iu-Mien women.  I also think that the number of participants that help contribute to the basis of the article was not enough to draw conclusions on the Iu-Mien women population within America.  Ten contributing participants are not enough to make any board statements that represent the Iu-Mien women here in America.  I also think that the article contained a lot of bias that did not generally help the validity of the paper.
            I think that this topic is important to pursue because I think it is important that we get more acknowledged about certain marginalized Southeast Asian ethnicities such as the Iu-Mien.  I also think it was a good idea on the presenters’ part that they tried to focus on Iu-Mien gender wise because they were able to give knowledge about the Iu-Mien cultural aspects and touch on gender issues of Southeast Asian women in general.  The only fault to this presentation is the article.  I think it is a better idea to find a better creditable article and more resources to fully back up these ideas.  The given article consisted of too many biased ideas and very little participants and evidence to work with.
            The presentation over all was mediocre because it was organized and gave the class a clear understanding of the article.  I liked how the presenters showed a video of an Iu-Mien family in America because it gave us a glimpse of how an Iu-Mien family was like and some of the conflicts that remained in the families.  I would of liked to see more topics about the male gender and sexuality overall.  What are other ways can we address the concepts of gender and sexuality?

-Mimi Dao

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