Monday, June 11, 2012

Blog #2

            We presented on Lune H. Saechao’s research paper about the resiliency of Iu-Mien women. I felt like the work was divided evenly. It was really hard to find scholarly articles about Mien women and I felt like both Shoua and Diana put in a lot of time to search for these resources because we all came upon the same ones.
            When we found Saechao’s paper, we thought that it was the closest thing to what we were doing our research on and decided to use it. Diana read like half of the paper and skimmed the rest. Shoua also skimmed the article. After I highlighted some of the things that we wanted to talk about in class, Diana and Shoua both reread over those parts.
            We ended up splitting parts of the paper to present on. Diana focused on the background part of the paper while Shoua focused on the findings that the author found. Because the research and paper were pretty simple, I felt like what they presented on in class was sufficient because the research paper had a lot of flaws and limitations that we had mention in class.
            I think one thing that our group could have done better was to probably compare it with an article or paper that talked about Mien men since it was gender week. We also could have elaborated and done more research on the traditional roles of Mien women and men because we did not talk about that in our presentation.
- Pajkub Vahchuama

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