Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 1 Presentation

Michael Nguyen
ASA 150E

Vietnamese Information

 Recalling from Tien's presentation, it seems he is talking about the half-Vietnamese, half-American war babies that live in Vietnam. I mainly discuss how Vietnamese politics are always conformed in a way that makes sure the community voice is not usually heard or encouraged. Ricky mainly spoke about how Vietnam is moving up economically in terms of China's successful economy.

 We did not work together cohesively to make a flowing presentation. Tien did not want to participate in a collective powerpoint, and we all knew we wanted to focus on Vietnamese people. I did not know that this presentation had to be in relation with our final papers. I just thought it had to match the theme of the week according to the syllabus. Tien had a long presentation and I did not want to keep the class bored for how long he kept the class listening. Ricky obviously did the best with his informative presentation that kept it lively. My presentation was too short and my reading was too long and too hard to read. Tien was difficult to communicate with, and Ricky was easy to communicate with since we collaborated on the power point presentation.

 I thought it would be like last quarter where each group had a reading to discuss about in a bigger group, and my first thought on these presentations were not what I expected. I am glad that I got it over with, but I know I did terrible on it and was not prepared to answer questions. Both Ricky and Tien had more information during their presentations. I feel like if I had another chance to present but there is not enough time this quarter since it is nearing the end.

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