Wednesday, June 6, 2012

group 2

Diana Lu 
For week 4's presentation, my group presented about the Iu-Mien woman. When we tried to look for articles for the class to read, there were very limited. There was not much written literature about this group. The article that we used was somewhat helpful and gave us a sense of what was going on in the Iu-Mien community, but there was definitely a lack of resource and the article itself could be bias because it was based on a Iu-Mien woman's experiences. 
My group members did fairly well on presenting. Pajkub did an excellent job explaining what the study was and the findings. She gave brief summaries on each part. I think this kind of gave the class an understanding of the purpose of this article (for those who did not read.) Shoua talked about the limitations to the article, which was very short and brief but she did depicted the main point. She could have talked a little more about it or say what can be improved to shorten these limitations. I gave a little background information and was quite nervous, I felt like I could have talked more/ give more background details of the Iu-Mien people, so the class could have had a better understanding of who they are and where they came from. 

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