Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 4

Week 4 Presentations
Jason Hsu
Presentation 1
Giving an explicit definition of what Amerasian is would be helpful. It would be helpful to critique parts of the article or else the presentation becomes a summary of the article. I was not sure on your stance about the 1982 Amerasian Act policy did feel it was helpful and a positive direction or do you feel that it was ineffective. Since you stated that the U.S. reacted only for their own selfish motives, do you think that a policy that came out of this could be helpful to Amerasians? Since the article was an ethnography on South Korean Amerasians, it seems like the policy the U.S. took toward Amerasians depended on their relations with that country.
Presentation 2 
Professor Valverde stated that your understanding of the article was the opposite of what she believed. The presentation seemed to be a summary of the article, I would suggest having a clear thesis so that your project is original research. Is the type of linguistic usage particular to Vietnam or do all communist countries have similar vernacular structure?
Presentation 3
You stated several times that China has no need to have economic relations with Vietnam. Why then would they chose to become economic partners. According to the article,Vietnam also imports a significant amount of commodities from China, wouldn’t this be a reason that China wants to have economic relations with Vietnam? They would benefit because Vietnam is a market for their goods and services. Having Vietnam rely on China economically also allows China to have more control and influence over Vietnam.

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