Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Presentation #2 Reflection of own group

Shoua Her
Gender and Sexuality 
Presentation #2

Reflection on Fellow Presenters

In this week’s presentation, I was part of it as a group member. We presented on the article by Lune H. Saechao about resiliency among Iu-Mien women. It was difficult to find scholarly articles about Iu-Mien women because not much research and focus has been put on to this community and group of people; however, we were able to find a dissertation paper that was submitted for a requirement for a Master Degree’s work. The article itself was very long so we, as a group, went through the study and chose sections that we felt were important for the rest of the class to read. We decided upon twenty to twenty five pages that we wanted everyone to read. We chose this article because it related to our research on Iu-Mien women and it was able to provide us with some information regarding whether or not Iu-Mien women felt marginalized, the obstacles that they had to face after arriving in the United States, how they have challenged or not challenged the gender norms and cultural norms that their group had, and where they stand today as women of their society.
            Diana presented on the background of who the Iu-Mien are and the gender roles that men and women have for their society. She also discussed the different types of assimilation and the problems that they faced. I felt that she could have done a better explanation of her section because it seemed that she was sort of lost and confused while presenting. In the reading that was provided, it gave a background and history of the Iu-Mien group of people and I felt like she could have used more of that in her explanation. A reason why is that since most everyone in the class already knew who they were, it was not a problem; however, if it was a presentation in front of a group of people who knew little or nothing about them, providing a lot more information about them would have been better.
            Pajkub presented on the section about what the study was about and the methods that were used by Saechao. I felt like she did a good job in explaining the study because she had brief summaries of the purpose of the study, the participants, and the methods involved. She was also able to incorporate her own critique and analysis of the study in her explanation. She also went on to explain how the article related to our study about Iu-Mien women and what our purpose/thesis was.
            The paper itself was able to provide us with background information about the group of Iu-Mien women; however, there seemed to be a bias in the study because it seemed like the author, Lune Saechao, went into the study with a certain perspective and used that as a basis for the rest of the study causing it to be skewed and the findings to be similar to what the author had predicted at the beginning of the study. In order to get a more accurate result, a new study that includes random and more participants would make it more generalizable and also if it included Iu-Mien women of different generations, there would be more perspectives on what they have to deal with and how they overcame those obstacles. If possible, there might be patterns of similarities and differences that can be seen with the findings on the women from the different generations. 

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