Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 5

Week 5
ASA 150E
Jason Hsu

Iu-Mien Presentation
You stated that in assimilation, there are people who do and people who don’t. But assimilation is on a continuum and isn’t a dichotomy. Also, it would be helpful to explain why you feel those who do assimilate do better.
You stated that “Husbands always criticize and abuse them” that is an overgeneralization because if one husband doesn’t then the statement isn’t true. Maybe you could write that it is very common that husbands criticize and abuse them.
Iu-Mien don’t necessarily isolate themselves from society by choice.
When using just one research article it is not original research.
The purpose in the article is already decided before the research was conducted.
When describing perseverance, acceptance and patience how do you operationally define them? Since they have different meanings for different people.
It was good that you indicated that the sample size was small.
But also, the entire sample was from Redding, so it is not a sample representative of the population.
When discussing the issue of intergenerational conflict, don’t most parents have some sort of communication issues with their children? Even Caucasian American families not in diaspora?
Domestic violence is not a product of the Iu-Mien arriving in the U.S. and assimilating. South East Asia was a patriarchy and DV was also present there. There are also domestic violence issues specific to South East Asian and Asian Americans that do not fit the husband/male abusing the wife, families of the husband will often participate and encourage domestic violence.

Most domestic violence statistics and research do not support the article, most of the article’s summary on domestic violence was only from one source Chao (2006).
Since the article goes into detail about abuse, you may want to contact My Sister’s House in Sacramento County which is a non-profit organization that specializes in advocating for survivors of domestic violence who are South East Asian.

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