Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog #5

Diana Lu

Trieu talks about the Vietnamese people who practice many Chinese traditions, wear Chinese clothes, and even watch Chinese dramas; this was under the category about “no human right, no freedom of speech.” Personally, I found that statement kind of offensive, I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese, so when I think about my family and the ones who are Vietnamese and decide to watch these Chinese dramas, no one is holding a gun to their head and saying “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS” to me, its kind of a personal choice. Trieu could have had more back of information on why these Vietnamese people felt like they did not have a freedom of speech, because I am still unclear of why they feel this way.
Linda was very informative about her topic: Vietnamese variety shows. When she talked about Paris By Night, I giggled because my grandparents and mom watches it. In a sense, these shows do kind of teach younger generations about the Vietnamese culture.  I know my grandma tries to always make my cousins and i sit down and watch Paris By Night with her and tell us that we need to learn about our culture. Though I cannot understand what they are saying, some of the skits are pretty comical to me.
Justin’s part was my favorite! He was so enthusiastic about his topic and was very informative. I felt like I don’t even need to watch the movie, and I can write a whole paper about it. Because Justin has a lot of information and it is all over the place, his final paper might not be relevant, it would be best if he narrows it down to some concepts only.
And lastly, for Melissa’s PowerPoint, I felt like I learned quite a few things but because the powerpoint was so informative, I wish she had presented and explained them thoroughly. 

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