Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 4 and 9

Week 4 Interethnic-Intraethnic Conflict
I liked the interactiveness of the presentation but I thought that the presentation relied too much on the interaction. I would have preferred more specific evidence on the conclusion. As far as the article was concerned I was impressed by your knowledge about the article but I wonder if you could have used an article that was specifically about Southeast Asian conflict with another ethnicity. When discussing a safe space I think the idea is not the issue but is has been how to implement it and the risk of excluding groups is high. I would suggest looking at characteristics of which safe spaces were successful in schools and compared them with ones that were less effective. Although each of us probably have an experience in school about the creation of a safe space like the one in the article, instead of deciding on whether or not it is a good idea I think it would be better to think about what factors allow for interethnic cohesion. 
Week 9
It was interesting to have a discussion on China because they are not in Southeast Asian but have a profound influence on Southeast Asian. This was an interesting angle. The article was interesting but a conclusion about the topic would have been helpful. Or possibly a direction of what the other articles research were and if they supported the article given.
I know nearly nothing about variety shows in Vietnam so this was a completely new topic for me. I did like that there was data shown and research. I thought that was helpful.  The interaction between generations of Vietnamese Americans is a good theme because it makes the topic more significant.
All the information was accurate and definitely helpful. I also think information on a topic that is not often supported as a topic of research is a good start. But it would help to have a direction about where the research was going or an approach to be able to conclude
Jason Hsu

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