Monday, June 4, 2012

Critique #5

Hue Thao
ASA 150E
Critique # 5
This week’s presentation was very informational. Having four different presentation made it difficult to comprehend all the information. We can focus on the individual’s presentation starting with Trieu, Linda, Justin, and Melissa. There doesn’t seem to be much I can help elaborate on during this week’s presentation. Thus, I will just say what was on my mind.
For me, I felt that Trieu did not clearly state his purpose of the presentation. All the background information doesn’t give me much choice in critiquing him. Perhaps he didn’t get to say what he really wanted to say. Perhaps he may have given his topic to us in a non-direct way. If so, I honestly missed the concept and that would have been my fault for not being able to help give him a good critique for his research paper.
Next was Linda. I thought Linda already gave her presentation? Regardless, the information about the Vietnamese Variety shows were somewhat fascinating. I think I might know what type of movie she was referring to. To be honest again, I have to say that the conversation after her presentation was totally off topic or it at the least had nothing to do with her research. Like the topics did not collide with one another. But that does not matter. Linda presented her topic very clear and was understandable. I want to see some clips of the variety shows she was talking about. I have seen some amazing and crazy performances before with other variety shows and it would be awesome to see more cultural variety shows. You know what would be AWESOME!? If you were to try and make your own variety show! Well that’s only my opinion.
Justin’s presentation was very informational. He was all over the place with his topics. He would sometimes jump from one idea to another because of his enthusiasm - of course I am not saying that is a bad thing. It’s good to be fascinated with your own research or else you would not really make the research interesting. Because I was not there on Tuesday for Professor Valverde’s lecture, I was somewhat confused throughout his presentation. I was just trying to grasp any concepts that I understood. Most of the information confused me though, but that’s on my part and not on his. He seems as though he knew his stuff so there’s not much for me to really comment on.
Last but not least, Melissa...Third time being honest, I don’t recall her presentation. Ok Professor Valverde, this was not my best work in critiquing the students. I did not find much interest in the topic. It just did not connect with me like the previous presentations that I have seen. So I will be blunt and say it is understandable if I don’t get full points for this critique. Even I wouldn’t really give myself full points.

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