Monday, June 4, 2012

Critique #4

Hue Thao
ASA 150E
Critique 4

Hmong Culture and Roles
This week was my presentation week so I am not going to critique our presentation. This will be more for Mai Moua and Boon’s presentation. First of all, the information doesn’t seem to relate to me even though I am Hmong. Some of them do, but others did not. I was curious to where the facts came from. More  or less, I feel as though I can help the two more if I answered the questions they posted up instead of giving them a critique. Perhaps they can use my information to help aid their research.
I wouldn’t really say that there is a specific structure in the family. More or less it’s because of respect. Then again, respect came from how the parents taught their children. I have to completely agree with their statement, “When we stop disciplining you is when we stop caring about you.” Kids definitely needs to be discipline. I would recommend watching Russel Peters and his stand up comedy about “Beat your kids.” Not only is it hilarious, but it is true.
One of the question was asking if I was a product of not being able to have a say in what my parents tell me. For me, this does not really apply. I was a rebel throughout my entire life. Even my teachers at high school called me a rebel. My parents had always disapproved of my method. When I stay after school to do extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs, they would yell at me saying why I always come home so late. They tell me to come home and study, but i never really did that. I had to always do things my way and not let anyone stop me. Of course, that is not saying that I am a bad son. I just knew that all the stuff I did would benefit me into pursuing a greater education. Even when choosing a college, my mom was saying just go to UOP and stay home. But I ended up refusing because I wanted to do things on my own as well as set an example to my younger siblings that they can walk their own paths. After I went away for college, they became much more understanding and two of my younger brothers now goes to Stanislaus because they have that freedom to choose to go their own way. In the end of the day though, I know I am doing this to one day make my parents proud of me.
The other question was about having double identity. To be honest, I don’t feel like I have a double identity as a son and student. I’m just one person. My parents always tell me not to worry about anything except for school. My ultimate goal is to get into college and get out with what I need.They tell me not to worry about any small factors and that they will always support me. Even though I have the opportunity to explore and do all the crazy things I can do here at college, I still focus directly in my school work. I also take the time to pick up my phone and call home just to simply check on my parents and how they are doing. The simple stuff like asking them if they ate dinner already or asking them if they are well is all that it takes to brighten their days. In a sense, I am a very Confucius in spirit. I don’t think that my parents see a double role in my life. They simply want me to graduate from college and do my best. In addition, my family doesn’t really think about these sort of things. We just focus on our path to our long life goal. That is pretty much it for the presentation. Hopefully that my point of view will be able to help you guys with your research.

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