Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quynh Dinh-Week 1

Last week in class, I came to know more about the history of Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam. One of the topics that caught my interest was the mystical story of how each country originated. Laos and Cambodia share the same legendary figure- the Naga but their myths own a unique story line. While Laos believed that the Naga, who have a form of reptile and could transform into human, live in the Laotian stretch of Mekong River and protect the country capital Vientiane, in Cambodia the myth said that the Naga King married his daughter to the king of Ancient Cambodia and then they gave rise to the Cambodian people. Cambodian Naga statues are usually portrayed as seven-headed Naga serpents. From what I have heard, it seems like most of legendary figures always possess or resemble some kind of animal form. Viet Nam is not an exception. Viet Nam’s myth started with Lac Long Quan- a dragon king of the sea and Au Co- a mountain fairy. They gave birth to 100 eggs that hatched 100 children. Lac Long Quan took 50 of them to the sea and Au Co brought the other 50 children to the mountain where her eldest son became the first Vietnamese king Hung Vuong. Below are some pictures depicted the legendary characters I just mentioned.
Lac Long Quan and Au Co

Cambodian Naga

Laos Naga

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