Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kevin Vang Week 2

Cambodia’s history is one that is very unique. I wrote a mini research paper on the Khmer Rouge when I was in high school. During this research, one of my resources was the novel “A Cambodian Odyssey” by Haing Ngor. It was heartbreaking and inspiring to know the struggles that he and his family made during the Khmer Rouge from farming to catching a disease that nearly killed him to being tortured to his migration to the US. The stories of those who survived the genocide are stories that should be heard and never be forgotten.
            I wonder what would happen if US did not involve Cambodia in the Vietnam War? US involvement in Cambodia strengthened the bond of the Khmer Rouge especially after the bombings and putting a new ruler into Cambodia during the war. Cambodia’s autogenocide was the outcome of US involvement and what is worse that US does not acknowledge that it was their doing.
            I am excited to read more about Cambodia, especially the chapter about Hip Hop in our novel “War Genocide and Justice.” I will have to read this on my own time because it is not on the syllabus. I hope this chapter will build my research paper.

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