Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week Two ----- Sabrina Vue

The chapter in “Hmong America” by Chia Youyee Vang was very informative. From reading the chapter, I learned very detailed information about my history, events, and people that I did not know of before. Although I enjoyed this reading, I was hurt by a lot of information in it. I was highly upset with the Americans when I read that they rather sacrifice yellow skins than their own white skinned people. Just because it was cheaper. When it was time to flee, the Americans had no problems with packing up and abandoning everyone whom helped them fight their stupid and pointless war.
In addition, I am not quite sure if it was due to the Hmong culture and gender roles or not, but when General Vang Pao told May A Yang to stay behind and let her children go with her brother-in-law to America, I was highly offended with it. General Vang Pao wasn’t even sure if May A Yang would survive or not if she stayed behind. Just because she was a woman he just assumed that the Lao Pathet wouldn’t do anything to her. It may be that I am Hmong American and I know about my equal rights that I do not agree with the Hmong culture and its gender roles that I was offended with what he said. However, I still respect him.

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