Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yee Xiong - Week 1

In Gary Yia Lee’s, “Diaspora & the Predicament of Origins: Interrogating Hmong Postcolonial History and Identity”, he explains further details on Hmong origins and how Hmong people came to be.  The article shares some of the stories that I’ve heard as a little child and some are what my parents believe to be true.  However, I am not sure if I wholeheartedly agree to it yet.

After reading this article, I realize what a common theme it shares with other stories on the origin of other ethnic groups.  There is no clear documentation on how people came to exist but most groups believe their people came first.  It is interesting to see that the theme is about who came first into the world-in terms of race/ethnicity.  It makes stories sound more legitimate if the thought of someone being first is present in any story.  Nobody wants to be second or last—stories are almost always more important if one comes first. Based on your own experience; which race or ethnicity group do you think existed first? And how strongly do you identify with this group? How important is being the first of many things? Does it outweigh those that come after those in first place? Lastly, how do you think human beings first came to be?

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