Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nhia Moua - Week 2

Chia Youyee Vang’s “Hmong History and Migration Prior to America” discusses the history of the 
Hmong from as early as possible up through their participation in the Secret War. She discusses the roles of various Hmong leaders and the Hmong’s relationship with the Laotian government. What I found most interesting in this reading was the rebellions that the Hmong had.  As a Hmong person myself, I had the thought that Hmong people were quiet mountain dwellers who did not see action or violence against the government. I thought we were a peaceful ethnic group who did not like to interfere much and would really prefer to reside in solitude with our own people.  But this reading as brought to light that we are much more involved with our country’s government. It emphasizes the Hmong’s desire for a country of their own. To some extent, the Hmong’s political activities with the Laotian government add credibility to their involvement with the US and the Secret War.  I have also wondered how the Hmong were persuaded into participating in a war when we have such an isolationist attitude. But learning more about my people’s history clarifies a little bit our agreement to be involved with the US.  My question now is: Where did my assumption about the Hmong people come from and how come the roles of Vang Pao and others Hmong leaders prior to the Secret War are mostly unspoken of today? Are they unspoken of? Or is the youth just ignorant of it?

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