Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Annie Xiong - Week 8 Blog

Agent Orange is an herbicide and defoliant that was used during the Vietnam War. The readings relate to major issues affecting the SEA American community such that the SEA population have not only been suppressed over the past years, but they were also negatively impacted from Agent Orange long terms. For instance, one would not only experience the hardships and violence during the time of the Vietnam War, but can experience long term health effects from the toxicity of the agent and having additional exposure to it outside of the war zone, despite the fact that the war had ended. Thus, potentially continuing to cause more lives to be lost after the Vietnam War that could have been prevented.
The readings connect to the theme of the week such that even though the Vietnam War has ended, it had not only affected the people directly, but the environment itself as well. As time goes by, the land started to affect people around it due to Agent Orange. One would think that after the Vietnam War, things will heal over time, but the long term effects that were uncalled for remained within the SEA Americans. This relates to event outside of class such as other wars happening right now with the U.S. Even though it may be for the best interest of these wars, those who live on the land that is being bombed every other day, are inhaling chemical from the bombs, thus, it can potentially negatively affect their health.

Effects of Agent Orange:
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Question: How many of these victims have come forth and have been compensated from being affected by Agent Orange?

Fred A. Wilcox. Scorched Earth: Legacy of Chemical Warfare in Vietnam. 2011.

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