Saturday, March 4, 2017

Annie Xiong - Week 9 Blog Post

The reading, “War, Genocide, and Justice”, by Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, relates to major issues affecting the SEA American community such that some are already being forced to forget their history; having their history buried away with those who have sacrificed themselves for their families and their countries, as well as those who died injusticely. Most disappointedly, the SEA American community are not able to re-call their histories from textbooks. Similarly to praCH’s hip hop music that was discussed in the reading that tells stories of Cambodian American selfhood and genocide remembrance, some SEA American community are able to relate through this manifestation with their own ethnic hip hop music.
The reading connects to the theme of the week such that there is an aspect of remembering and forgetting the genocide. For instance, one current even outside of class that relates back to the reading is the Holocaust. Even though the Holocaust happened during the mid-19th century, its genocidal period is still relevant today as it had negatively affected many Jewish people and killed millions of Jewish people, similarly to the Cambodian genocide. There are still Jewish survivors today who try to preserve their histories, such as a 28-minute documentary called the “Near Normal Man.”
Question: How have things been differently in the Cambodian’s community without praCH’s manifestation of hip hop music?
Schlund-Vials, Cathy. (2012). War, genocide, and justice: Cambodian American memory work. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

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