Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 7 - Matthew Mandel

In this weeks reading we explored the work done by Nayan Chanda in the book Brother Enemy: The War After the War. In this book we look at how many of the South East Asian countries had fallen after the city of Saigon had fallen and how that was a pinnacle point of countries in South East Asia not being able to hold power and falling to the communist parties. Many countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam had fallen politically as well as economically due to the war and their money was being used to finance these wars. When Saigon had fallen to communism, the United States no longer felt it was necessary to help or guide these other south east asian countries, they felt it was useless, and we find this out throughout the work done by Chanda.
I personally feel this was a huge mistake on the United States part because they intervened with Vietnam causing major tragedies and deaths in the country, one of the worst in the history of wars. They also decided not to help other countries that have fallen to the same turmoil which is the wrong decision to have made. This kind of situation could have been prevented, so the United State either should've continued to help or never gone into the war to begin with. Their actions caused so many problems for the country of Vietnam, problems that having made the right decision would have made things go a lot differentys.

Question: What was the purpose of The United States entering the Vietnam war, causing turmoil and then backing out and acting as if it never happened?

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