Monday, February 10, 2020

Diane Tran- Week 6

Diane Tran
ASA 150E
Professor Valverde

In this week's theme, we talk about diasporic experiences and transitional processes. In Chapter 5 of Whose Community is it Anyways? by Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde, she depicts a story about Madison Nguyen a politician who has a story about her Vietnamese-American community side. Madison Nguyen is in a press conference where she talks about her "free, thirty-minute Vientmaese-language DVD highlighting the accomplishments of her three years as council member" (1). She was battling the members of her own community for representation in the business district and those against her. Madison wanted businesses to receive city grants. She wanted to be inclusive and give the community a voice by opening up discussion and community meetings, however, mainstream news covered it. In addition, there were rumors that Madison had connections to Ha Noi which deemed to be untrue. The story of Madison Nguyen is an example of an inch what Vietnamese Americans have to face in the community. There was barely any representation of our people.  Representation as in the media, educators, and other different areas of space. And if there was, Vietnamese-Americans would be pushed out of their roles. The definition of representation can be redefined so Vietnamese Americans perspectives can be understood. A question I have is why is that there is barely any representation of Vietnamese Americans?

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