Thursday, February 6, 2020

Week 6_Melanie Manuel_ASA 150E

Melanie Manuel
ASA 150E 001
6 February 2020

The one lesson that I learned and was validated in learning from Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde’s Transnationalizing Viet Nam was the fact this is a book that addresses not only community, culture, and politics in the diaspora, but the lived experiences that come out of all three of those things that each hold a place in the book’s chapters. This confirmation comes on page 150, where Valverde writes, “Transnationalizing Viet Nam showcases our lived experience.” That coupled with the lesson from Thursday’s lecture, where the Professor validated our lived experiences in the larger narratives of diaspora interests me, because it reifies the role of younger generations in understanding our culture and our identities, even if we have complicated relationships with both of those things. While younger generations are often denounced for not understanding what war is and the experiences that our parents have gone through, it is interesting to see what sorts of perspectives that younger generations can produce when looking at these circumstances and issues from our close-yet-protected distance. For example, as many of my family members immigrated to the United States, I was the one born here, so the fear of being sent back has never plagued me as much as it has my family members, but looking at it from my position, I realize I can help my family understand the sorts of things that they can do to ensure their stay; whereas, I think if I were in their position, I might be scared or unable to understand what needs to be done. It’s just interesting that having this new perspective can offer up solutions that one might not think of when they’re trying to face problems on their own. 

I included this photo because it’s relevant to today’s issues pertaining to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as important tips in case anyone else wants to assist their family members, if applicable.

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