Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week6 - Xinyu Yang - ASA150E

Through Professor Valverde's book, " Transnationalizing Viet Nam: Community, Culture, and Politics in the Diaspora" show some stories reveal more internal conflicts in the Vietnamese American community, such as identity definitions, political system struggles, and intergenerational relationships, etc. 
In chapter 4, Professor Valverde talks about Vietnamese Diaspora Art and Media meaning and connected with Chau Huynh ’s Creations. The Chau Huynh art controversy shows an important social problem in the Vietnamese American community.  Even though Chau hopes to commemorate her mother and mother in law through her artwork, she is still considered a communist by some Vietnamese immigrants who are afraid of forgetting history and hatred. Because Chau Huynh's work of art made some Vietnamese Americans uncomfortable. The anti-communist group in the Asian-American community leads to fear spreads in their communities. They protesting everything if they think it's about communist. Fanatical anti-Communists in the American Vietnamese community make people believe that her work is intended to promote communist. Chau Huynh and her family has been subjected to Language Violence. Through the fact that “Nguoi Viet Daily News” was always facing censorship from anti-communist groups, we can find some anti-Communists influenced by the Cold War background. This led to creative, artistic, and political being limited to the community.

Q: Should the meaning of art be connected with politics? How to coordinate the relationship between art and politics so that the two respect each other

Long Nguyen, Tales of Yellow Skin #2, 1991, oil on canvas, 66 x 66 in.

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