Monday, February 10, 2020

Week6_Uyen Ngo

"Younger generations experience internal struggles that can include the legacy of their parents’ loss and discrimination in a racist new home" (12). This line in particular stood out to me because it is the one that resonated most to my personal experience. I come from a family of multiple generations of migration. My uncle, the first to come, was a boat person and thus had a completely differently experience from my aunt who was an HO member, who also had a different experience from my mother, grandmother, and youngest aunt, who all came in 2000, along with myself included. But even amongst them, despite coming at the same time, I had a different experience as a result from my age and generation. The section "Movement and Meaning" in Chapter 1 of Professor Valverde's book perfectly described this non-homologous experience that is found even just amongst my family, and much bigger, the community I grew up in, being that I grew up in San Jose, the city with the largest Vietnamese diaspora, as mentioned. And in my experience, my mother and I, as a result of coming later on, are not actively vocal against the Vietnam government and have found ourself at the center of attack from other extended family members who came in the wave of boat people. Thus, the last 2 sentences of the section encompasses that experience in which red-baiting was done in disregard to our personal experience, even by those closest to us.

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