Monday, February 10, 2020

Vivianne Lee_Week 6_ASA150E

       In this week's reading of Transnationalizing Vietnam by Professor Valverde discusses the complex relationship formed between the Vietnam and its diasporic community, which ties into this week's theme of diasporic experiences and transnational experiences. I was surprised on how different Vietnamese Americans were in regards to their beliefs and personal experiences compared to the Vietnamese living in Vietnam. Valverde further on explains that the American society has not completely accepted Vietnamese Americans although the U.S. government has created a variety of Vietnamese refugee immigration programs (11). Later, Valverde explains that many Vietnamese American's development of identity issues caused them to question their place in not only the United States but also their place in Vietnam. This reminded me of how my relatives in Japan always tell me that I am not Japanese enough, even though I consider myself full Japanese. In chapter 4, Valverde discusses an art piece called "Connections" by Chau as a tribute to the artists memory on her mother's handwork living in the U.S, but was attacked by opponents. Opponents attacked Chau on her personal resulted in closing the blog to public view.   It was saddening to hear that her art piece was critiqued harshly and represented falsely by the media, when the art has such beautiful meanings behind it. It made me realize how biased media can actually get. The question I have is, Will the media ever stop being biased?

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