Saturday, January 21, 2017

Matthew Mandel - Week #3 Blog

For this weeks reading assignment, we read some selections from the book Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War Hero by Nick Turse. Immediately, from the introduction Vietnam Veteran, Charles McDuff expresses his concern and sickness towards everything that happened over in Vietnam. The reading takes us through a lot of what McDuff experienced while being over in Vietnam during the war and what type of actions had to be completed for the soldiers, and under no circumstances not follow it. Many horrific scenes appeared in this book for example, the orders from the president was to kill anyone and not spare any lives. This action went so far that soldiers killed any vietnamese soldier, kids, and elders, but the mind boggling overall situation was that, these killings became so routined, that soldiers starting making it into a game and made it a number game, forgetting about what they are actually doing. Innocent killings took place, causing more then half of the deaths of these Vietnamese people to be civilians. This is, one of, if not one of the saddest moments the the United States has to live down forever.
Because, of these situations, new laws have been placed for military in order to conduct assault missions and practices that would not be recreated, once again like such assassinations done in Vietnam. Even though such laws have been created it hard to keep track of the soldiers over seas, as seen from the book as well as new upcoming stories from soldiers torturing people in different countries. Which is why, the liberal party fought to not hide this information,regardless how difficult it may be to bring these situations up. This will always be a dark light for the United States and one that may be hard to control.

Question: Why did American invade Vietnam to begin with, as it was not our war to be apart of?Why do we have regulate other countries?


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