Saturday, January 21, 2017

Michelle Wang: Week 3

The Vietnam War has been left out, not discussed in society, and unknown in some communities. It is important to understand that the Vietnam War is not only a prevalent issue in the SEA American community but in America and other communities. There are different perspectives of the Vietnam War and much of the struggles, sacrifices, and stories that the Southern Vietnamese experience have been left out in the work. This goes back to the Vietnam War left many communities confused and tensions. There was a miscommunication between the Vietnamese and American sides. Turse discusses that the Mai Lai Massacre was a tragedy with American soldiers displaying violence toward women and children and some of the truth were not even captured through photographs” (5). This does not show a full perception and different perspectives of the Vietnam War. Massacres and war crimes were covered and hidden. There was a display of ignorance and America claimed itself as a powerful nation that wants to spread democracy to other nations. No suffering of Vietnamese civilians is depicted in American media and truth was never exposed in public. Turse also discusses that American soldiers destroyed villages, killed innocent Vietnamese in South Vietnam, and even considered these individuals affiliated with the Vietcongs and guerillas (64). This continues to go back to being aware of the miscommunication that occurred in the Vietnam War and the United State’s goal of spreading democracy to foreign nations. Mamdani discusses that South Sudan experienced an ethnic civil war and genocide but the government did not do much to protect its citizens and lacked accountability (2). Mass violence erupted in South Sudan with inhumane government officials and with the government believing it is not accountable towards inflicted inhumane act. Instead, Mamdani discusses that the African Union tries to save South Sudan with there should be a recognition of an accountable government in serving the people and credible for its doings (4).  Inhumane government officials should not hide the injustices and be liable for its inhumane acts.  

Image Citation: Building Accountability and Legitimacy in South Sudan. 2017.

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Question: What are some other ways that countries can help a country’s government that is not accountable and in order to receive justice?

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