Sunday, February 2, 2020

Week 5_Anson Saechao_ASA 150E

This reading has reinforced a lot of my experiences that I had as someone who had come back from South Korea and Thailand. I had my own expectations with my study abroad experience in South Korea, and now knowing the history and background of the wars associated with these countries, it has given me a deeper understanding of the invisible contexts that all has faced.

The Korean War is one of the few histories that are not discussed about because we see that the current South Korea’s success has overshadowed their history. But not realizing how they got to that point is what brings these invisible histories to light. With Americans supplying the Koreans funds to support them in the Viet Nam War, it brings up how their sentiments have changed so much. Their ways of learning and militarization have been affected in so many different ways, and in that sense, it has become a proxy war, and the Koreans were just another one of the proxies fighting for a war for the wrong reasons. These truths being discussed more and more brings to light how difficult it becomes. Putting into context of my own life, it just puts into my mind of where my positionality is and how I act as an individual from now on.

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