Friday, February 3, 2017

Patrina Tern Week 5

Like the Vietnamese folks, the Koreans also faced a war with the Americans that ended up forgotten as well. The Vietnamese and Koreans (South) were ushered by the United States to fight against their counterparts who supported communism instead of a capitalist state. However, what I took away from the reading was the topic of Koreans being model minorities. The Koreans who left their country to come to the U.S. became shop owners and achieved the American Dream. During this time period Koreans were seen as successful and pitied against other immigrants of color because they were stuck in the welfare cycle. Because of the Korean store keeper shooting a girl and police brutality there was a civil war between the people. This relates to the situation we have right now with our people pitied against one another due to Trump being president. There are folks who voted for him and those who are against Trump and his ways, there is just so much hatred in our country right now. The United States has brought about civil war amongst so much countries but it has originated from our own country. We have fought against our own kind to the point that we are spreading hate and war to other countries. I think that by framing the Koreans as model minorities they are putting them on a pedestal and pitting the immigrants/people of color against each other. Model minorities make other immigrants look lazy but the issue is welfare is a vicious cycle that only helps poor people suffice but not gain upward mobility. So poor people cannot succeed. Most East Asians set such high standards for all Asians that people assume all Asians are rich and smart (or good at math). However, such generalization really hurts the Asian community because, there are so many stereotypes, it inhibits individuals to standout and be themselves. My question is why is the Korean secret war unheard of in U.S. history and what was it all about?

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