Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week 6 - Matthew Mandel

In this weeks readings we look at the book written by our professor, Professor Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde’s in Transnationalizing Viet Nam. Within the first 3 pages professor Valverde explains that between the Vietnamese community in Vietnam and those is the Vietnamese American community their are many ties that keep the group together and those that are separating them still. The first set of refugees that came to American during the Vietnam war created a new mindset for their children, of creating a better life, therefore many mindsets changed and wanted a better life for their children therefore music and art changed for them. I find it painful how a diaspora / community of people would have to change certain things because of conflicts within the country and people can’t be their real selves. This caused a break in the community because the new wave of children stopped getting involved with the politics of the country and the people because they could not relate to them in my opinion. 

Media has changed things as well for the vietnamese people because they have twisted many ideas and arts that the Vietnamese american people have created. Many people don’t understand the suffering people had to go through and yes they were hard times but the people who traveled here like to be reminded of their homeland, but media doesn’t stop and take in the actually meaning of art sometimes as the piece stated in the article as tribute to his mother but rather people just jump and critique something without first thinking what it stands for. Through this their is also a break in the community because people cannot enjoy things from Vietnam their homeland.

Question: Media used to focus on news but that isn’t the case anymore. Is it possible media is to blame for racist remarks as they are the ones who target certain groups and critique them.

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