Friday, February 17, 2017

Patrina Tern week 7

In the book The War After the War by Nayan Chanda, she spoke about the power struggles between the countries of Indochina, mainly communist driven ones after the war between the Americans and Vietnamese. After the effects of the Vietnam-American War it left people devastated and neighboring countries fueled to fight. What these countries both have in common is that Americans used intruded on both Vietnam and Cambodian lands, started a war and left. These countries instead of uniting and collaborating are fighting to be the best and take over territory. The Americans came in and basically taught them to fight and kill each other so they continued to do that after the war because that’s what they knew best. Being that the Khmer Rouge was coming into power and the Vietnamese just won a battle, they became enemies. The Vietnamese had the support of China but eventually they turned their back. I think this connects to how in most history books, Americans are seen as victors and students do not learn that even until this day Americans start wars by giving other countries guns and weapons under the table and encourage them to fight. In addition, American’s also encourage other countries to fight communism, for instance the South Koreans against the North Koreans. My question is, how did Khmer Rouge come to be and why did they fight against the Vietnamese aside for land and power?

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