Sunday, January 12, 2020

Week 1- Sidney Siu

Sidney Siu
ASA 150E
Week 1

InYen Espiritu's Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees, the imagined concept of the Viet Nam War is tackled with not only historical facts, but also the effects that it left on Vietnamese refugees, Vietnamese culture, Southeast Asians, and those who migrated to America. First, it is important to acknowledge that Espiritu points out that from the perspective of having an American education, many Asians are either confused or told they are confused because they have a heroic/savior image of the U.S. military being taught to them in school, while also facing a duality that their family briefly touches on that is completely opposite of what is advertised. Moreover, it is noted that the reason many SEA families don't talk about the Viet Nam War is because it is painful and bitter for them to explain. Though, without these shared experiences, several new age Americans and Asian Americans will never learn the truth and consequence behind what really happened. As for the aftermath, many Asians come to America for a better life and the appealing American Dream. However, it is not often talked about that with their success came racial stereotypes. The Model Minority Myth is a basic product of how Americans have associated achievement with race. Though it seems like a 'positive' stereotype, it has its drawbacks, i.e. the expectation that every Asian is good at math when in reality, that is impossible. How can we, as a racially diverse nation, draw from realities, those of which are not taught in the basics of our education, to break stereotypes?

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