Sunday, January 26, 2020

Week 4- Sidney Siu

Sidney Siu
Week 4
ASA 150E
Third World Alliances and Social-Political Movements

After reading about the International Women's Conferences in this week's reading, Radicals on the Road, I am still trying to figure out my overall opinion about the conference. Through the tone of the writer, it would seem that she intends the conference to be an overall positive event held to promote antiwar movement and organize women throughout the world. However, she also notes the opposing side of the conference, where critiques might argue that Western women are using this as a platform to be seen as the Western savior helping the oppressed. I cannot for sure say whether one side is more right than the other due to lack of evidence laid out for the critiquing side. However, from information given by the reading, it seems that the women of the conference actually did look to Southeast Asians for advice in organizing and got help in leadership from the East. Even so, I question why the Vietnamese women of that time wouldn't be more reluctant to be petty and not form connections with them after being at war with the U.S. I suppose it is because they all, for the most part, had the same end goal of promoting peace and unity throughout the world with the power of global sisterhood.

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