Sunday, January 26, 2020

Week 4_Ariana Danao_ASA150E

For this week's theme centering around, "Third World Alliances and Socio-Political Movements, I found the readings to be empowering and eye opening to read more on the role of womxn in activism during the Vietnam Era. Majority of the time, womxn are stripped from the narrative and not usually talked about, let alone focused on. In the reading for this week, a quote that stuck out to me was, Rather than seeing themselves only in terms of their race, gender, or class, they began to understand how multiple systems of social hierarchy operated simultaneously to shape their lives.". This quote reminds me of the idea of intersectionality and how it plays into these multiple social systems that are created to find/determine order and class. This stuck with me because this quote led to the explanation of how womxn leaned on womxn during this time whether it was search for inspiration or even support. It creates and paints a new narrative for womxn as we are used to hearing stories of them being house wives - now, we are learning about how womxn played a big hand in some of these movements.

My question is this: If womxn played such a big roles in many of these movements, why are they continuously being forgotten and leaving their stories untold?

Similar to the readings, these womxn are shown breaking the stigma of womxn only being good as house wives. It shows just how bad ass womxn were back then and what they are fully capable of.

North Vietnamese women learning to use a machine gun.

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