Sunday, January 26, 2020

WEEK4_xinyu yang

In the reading“ Radicals on the Road“the author mentioned that women of different backgrounds established a multi-ethnic anti-war movement and the influence and significance of gender in it. And the author mentions that female activists were one of the earliest travelers and played an important role in the anti-war movement. 
These movements have also encouraged women from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs to interact with each other, influence each other, and learn from each other. This also helps western women understand that Asian women are not just the oppressed groups in a patriarchal society. It also helps western women's rights groups understand that Asian women are not just persecuted in patriarchal societies. Both parties are more like partners and together promote global sisterhood and peace. Their voices bear considerable social responsibility and significance.
In my experience, Asian women are often considered docile and obedient most of the time, but the women in the author's book are strong and independent. I remember a very interesting discussion: More female leaders, will the world be more peaceful Whether this question is the stereotypes and discrimination for females?

"It is an image of a mother holding a gun and her baby. She is one of the women warriors of Viet Nam. (Image of Mother with Gun: Taken from Gidra magazine)"

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