Sunday, January 12, 2020

Week 2 - Diane Tran ASA 150E

Diane Tran
ASA 150E

      In the article, South Vietnamese Soldiers, by Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen depicts the theme of this week's lesson of military and conservative perspectives. Nguyen describes her own perception of the Vietnam war and how it played an evident role in her experiences of her parents. She had asked her parents to write a book about his experiences of a high-level diplomat during the war, but he never did so because the pain was too tremendous for him. She indicates, "South Vietnam embodied an alternative vision of Vietnam to the one-party state that existed north of the 17th parallel. North Vietnam sought to impose communism on the whole of Vietnam. South Vietnam resisted for two decades" (2). South Vietnam was far more an open society compared to North Vietnam. The gradual reforms of colonization and war were due to the contrast of violence of the campaign that North Vietnam had. More than a quarter-million of South Vietnamese soldiers were killed in the war. Many have sacrificed for their lives for their country. In chapter five of this article pertains to the theme of friendship and sacrifice. Many friendships and bonds were formed while fighting the main enemy which is the communism of North Vietnam. A question I had was that why were many Vietnamese soldiers' (or people's involvement in the war) perspective was never really told to the public? It was always kept silenced.

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