Saturday, January 25, 2020

Week 4 - Diane Tran

Diane Tran
ASA 150E
Professor Valverde

The book "Radicals on the Road" by Judy Tzu-Chun Wu discusses the formation of third world countries formation. In addition, the book also talks about women and how their actions were challenged and the stereotype that is taken place upon them. The theme this week is third world alliances and social-political movements. The book tells the story of "international journeys made by significant yet underrecognized historical figures" (2). There were men and women of different ages, races, sexual identities, class backgrounds, and religious faiths held by different, diverse political views. People believed that the U.S. war in Vietnam was the longest one in American history and the first one that the country lost immorally. Many travelers shared their experiences through articles, books, reports, letters, interviews, speeches, short stories, poetry, photography, film, and artwork. Many voices were left unheard though, but these conferences left an impact of empowerment. These conferences were basically unknown though. The chapter states, "travel shaped politics, decolonizing Asia inspired activists in the West, and how men and women of varying backgrounds and convictions engaged in the antiwar movement" (9). This depicts the different perspectives and stories. I did not know that there were alliances and that this was a part of the Vietnam war. In addition, many people were ignored compared to the dominant groups. A question I had was how do we make sure that the minority group voices would be heard and not oppressed?

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Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun. Radicals on the Road: Internationalism, Orientalism, and Feminism during the Vietnam Era. Cornell University Press, 2013.

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